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Static Awareness - Topic Wise Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Online Topic Wise Static Awareness MCQ for competitive exam Practice Multiple Choice Questions for IBPS SSC Online Test Private Job Interview

1 )

Which of the following is considered an informal method of getting credit/finance?

Internet banking
Branch visits
Going to moneylenders
All of these

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2 )

A money deposited in a bank that cannot be withdrawn for a present fixed period of time is known as a

Term deposit
Checking account
Savings bank deposit
No frills account
Current deposit

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3 )

Which of the following is the regulator of the credit rating agencies in India?

None of these

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4 )

The Interest rate at which the RBI lends to commercial banks in the short-term to maintain liquidity is known as

Interest rate
Repo rate
Reverse repo rate
Bank rate
All of the above

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5 )

The main function of commercial bank can be segregated into

I.  Payment system.

II. Financial intermediation.

III. Financial services.

I, II and III
I and III
I and II
II and III
None of these

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