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As a customer, your satisfaction and success are the motivation for all we do, which is why we will always do everything we can to ensure we make working smarter and easier for you.

Try before you buy

We understand you want the perfect fit and that's why we offer one trial test of online exam. During this trial you can select any one exam and test it which available in to be sure it suits your needs and desires.

Refunds for customers

Once your payment done successfully no refund will be entitled.


In case any transaction shows failure and we ( received money but you are unable to use website as per your plan, we will try to rectify it first otherwise refund your money within 4-5 working days.

Any consistent technical problem more than 5 days from, and you can't use website properly then you can write us for refund, we will refund your package amount within 4-5 working days after deducting the amount of service you used.

Exa: Suppose Person A subscribe for Plan of Rs 100 and ask for refund, but if he/she gets benefit of referral bonus of Rs 10, in that case he/she get Rs 80 refund. 10 Rs for his/her wallet balance and Rs 10 for referrer's wallet balance.

Refunds for Institutes

Vendors can apply for refund within 5 days of subscription with proper region to; we will refund your amount within 4-5 working days.