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Environmental Chemistry - Topic Wise Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Topic Wise free Environmental Chemistry MCQ for 11th 12th exam Practice Multiple Choice Questions and answer for JEE-mains State CET Engineering Entrance GATE free Online Test

1 )

Which order for green house gases is truly based on GWP?

CFC > N2O > CO2 > CH4
CFC > CO2 > N2O > CH4
CFC > N2O > CH4 > CO2
CFC > CH4 > N2O > CO2

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2 )

Which of the following pollutant cannot be degraded by natural process?

Nuclear waste
Heavy metals
All of the Above

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3 )

Which of the following bacteria are responsible for the Gastrointestinal Disease?

S Faecalis
Both a and b
S aurous

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4 )

The prescribed upper limit concentration of lead in drinking water is about

30 ppb
70 ppb
50 ppb
60 ppb

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5 )

What is the range of pH of acid rain?

More than 5.6
In between 5.6 to 6.6
Less than 5.6
In between 6.00 to 6.66

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