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P Block Elements - Topic Wise Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Topic Wise free P Block Elements MCQ for 11th 12th exam Practice Multiple Choice Questions and answer for JEE-mains State CET Engineering Entrance GATE free Online Test

1 )

Bauxite has the composition

Al2O3, H2O
Al2O3 • 2H2O
None of above

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2 )

Aluminium (III) chloride forms a dimer because

Higher coordination number can be achieved by aluminium
Aluminium has high ionization energy
Aluminium belongs to III group
It cannot form a trimer

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3 )

Boron form covalent Compound due to

Higher ionisation enthalpy
Lower ionisation enthalpy
Small size
Both (a) and (c)

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4 )

The stability of +1 oxidation state increases in the sequence


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5 )

Aluminium has a great affinity for oxygen & it’s oxidation is an exothermic process. This fact is used in

Preparing thin foils of aluminium
Making utensils
Preparing duralumin alloy
Thermite welding

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