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States of Matter - Topic Wise Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Topic Wise free State of Matter MCQ for 11th 12th exam Practice Multiple Choice Questions and answer for JEE-mains State CET Engineering Entrance GATE free Online Test

1 )

A gas expanse through a porons plug and exhibits cooling if its temperature is

More than inversion temperature
Less than inversion temperature
Less than critical temperature
Less than Boyle’s temperature

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2 )

The value of universal gas constant R depends upon the

Temperature of the gas
Volume of the gas
Number moles of the gas
None of these

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3 )

A gas behaves like an ideal gas at

High pressure and low temperature
High pressure and high temperature
At low pressure and increasing in volume
Decreasing velocity by lowering temperature

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4 )

The ratio of van der Waals’ constants a and b has the dimensions of

atm mole^(-1)
L mole^(-1)
atm . L mole^(-1)
atm mole^(-2)

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5 )

What is value of Boyle’s temperature of ethane gas when a= 5.489 dm6 atm mol-2 and b = 0.0638 dm3 atm mol-1


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