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Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry - Topic Wise Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Topic Wise free Basic Concepts of Chemistry MCQ for 11th 12th exam Practice Multiple Choice Questions and answer for JEE-mains State CET Engineering Entrance GATE free Online Test

1 )

Identify the wrong statement in the following.

CFCs are responsible for ozone layer depletion.
Greenhouse effect is responsible for global warming.
Ozone layer does not permit I.R. radiation from the sun to reach the earth.
Acid rain is mostly because of oxides of ‘N’ and ‘S’.

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2 )

In the reaction 2Al(s) + 6 HCl(aq) → 2Al3+ 6Cl-(aq) + 3H2(g)

6L HCl(aq) is consumed for every 3L, H2(g)produced.
33.6L H2(g) is produced regardless of temperature and pressure for every mole of Al that reacts
67.2L H2(g) at STP, is produced for every mole Al that reacts.
11.2L H2(g) at STP, is produced for every mole HCl(aq consumed.

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3 )

Consider a titration of potassium dichromate solution with acidified Mohr’s salt solution using diphenyl amine as indicator. The number of moles of Mohr’s salt required per mole of dichromate is


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4 )

Which has maximum number of atoms?

24g of C(12)
56g of Fe(56)
27g of Al (27)
108g of Ag (108)

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5 )

What volume of hydrogen gas at 273K and 1 atm pressure will be consumed in obtaining 21.6 g of elemental boron (atomic mass = 10.8) form the reduction of boron trichloride by hydrogen.


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