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Phrase Replacement - Topic Wise Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Online Topic Wise Phrase Replacement MCQ for competitive exam Practice Multiple Choice Questions for IBPS SSC Online Test Private Job Interview

1 )

The organization aims to providing with satellite-based data on climate-relevant information with highest possible levels of accuracy and reliability.

to provide with
at providing with
to provide
to the provision of
No correction required

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2 )

Underwater archaeology has huge potential, as it could be a time-consuming and costly way to study the past.

as it is
but it is
since it could be
but it could
No correction required

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3 )

Each galaxy is surrounded by a giant sphere of dark matter more than 10 times so wide as the visible portion of the galaxy.

the width of
so wider than
of the width to
in width than
No correction required

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4 )

Studies have revealed what more is the reason people are asked to come up with in support of an idea, the less value they ascribe to each.

what more reasons
that more is the reason
what is the reason
that the more reasons
No correction required

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5 )

When he is short of money, he earns a little extra cash on being told the fortunes using a pack of tarot cards.

by being told fortunes
by telling fortunes
by telling of the fortune of
on telling fortunes
No correction required

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