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WORK ENERGY AND POWER - Topic Wise Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Topic Wise free Work Energy and Power MCQ with solutions for 11th 12th exam Practice Multiple Choice Questions and answer for JEE-mains State CET Engineering Entrance GATE free Online Test

1 )

How much is the work done in pulling up a block of wood weighing 2KN for a length of 10m on a smooth plane inclined at an angle of 30° with the horizontal ?

1.732 KJ
17.32 KJ
10 KJ
100 KJ

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2 )

A force of 7N, making an angle θ with the horizontal, acting on an object displaces it by 0.5m along the horizontal direction. If the object gains K.E. of 2J, what is the horizontal component of the force?


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3 )

A 60 kg JATAN with 10 kg load on his head climbs 25 steps of 0.20m height each. What is the work done in climbing? (g = 10 m/s2)

3500 J
350 J
35 J
4000 J

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4 )

A ball of mass 5 kg is striding on a plane with initial velocity of 10 m/s. If co-efficient of friction between surface and ball is (1/2), then before stopping it will describe ……. (g = 10 m/s2)

15 m
17 m
7 m
10 m

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5 )

The relationship between force and position is shown in the figure given (in one dimensional case) calculate the work done by the force in displacing a body from x = 0 cm to x = 5 cm





30 ergs
70 ergs
20 ergs
60 ergs

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