How to prepare for SBI PO Mains ?

Which section do you consider to be the most difficult one? If it is the English Language then you should start your preparation from now only. A perfect preparation, timely review and working on the topics you are weak at will definitely improve your score in this section and will give a nice boost to your overall score. It is for this reason that we have come up with this article so that you can start your preparation and give your best in the actual exam or also prepare by some free mock test and prelium test series.The topics of the Rcs(Reading Comprehension) were “Discussion and comparison between the growth model and fixed interest model mindset” and “Discussion about the different definition of innovation and invention”. While the former RC pertained to the financial topic then the latter was of a generic one. It is obvious that nobody could predict what passage will be asked in the actual exam. But there are definitely some steps you can take so that whatever you come across in the exam can be done smoothly by you.


1. Improve your reading speed:

Speed of reading is matters a lot, especially in the RC section. The diversity of the RC topic is extremely wide. So, you can be ready for this if you start doing the reading practice starting today itself. Pick up a financial and a political newspaper and start reading their editorials, you may get bored quickly if the topic is not of your choice. But try focussing on the reading part and try understanding the context and keep a dictionary handy as well. We have mock test series practice paper in English and Hindi language you should start preparation by solving such type of practice paper.

2. Improve your word power:

The biggest obstruction when you speak which you can face after complex sentences is difficult words or phrases. These words or phrases do not just appear in RCs but in other questions as well for. It would be easier for you to answer most of the questions in the English Language section if you know the meaning of the word or phrases used in the question and it is advisable to keep a dictionary handy so that you can instantly look out for the meaning. Make a note of the difficult and use flashcards to memorize them.

3. Start solving an RC on a daily basis:

It takes slow but steady steps to master RC and we strongly suggest that you start solving an RC on a daily basis with the help of some online aptitude SBI test series. Start without any time-limit and when reading the Passage, try to stay focused and there is no alternative to keeping your focus in your control. After around 10 days, start solving the RCs with time-limits and see where do you get your answers wrong. Work on your weak areas and you shall surely master the RC section by the time the date of SBI PO Main arrives you should learn or practice by free online mock test.

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