Create your own test


Why On Demand Test

On Demand Test, that is create your own test on request. While Practicing any competitive exam there may be several types of need to prepare it, like by exam to exam by student to student, some time it not possible for service provider to provide all this need, as this pattern are not standard of exam conducting agencies, therefore we provide the standard format.

But while preparing, student want to test them by various parameters like specific subject, reducing the standard exam time to solve exam quickly etc.

Cracktest understand your need that’s why we introduce the On Demand Test facility for our students.


General eligibility

Qualifying subscription (plan) purchased by individual customers directly from Cracktest is eligible for the On Demand Test that is create town test on request. Purchases by third parties do not qualify. Decisions regarding eligibility shall be made by Cracktest and are final and binding.


Qualifying subscription

Qualifying subscription (plan) meaning the plans on which the On Demand Service (facility) can avail. Not all plans are comes under this On Demand Service.

Out of our plans only 2 plans are eligible for this offer.

  • CKT-STANDARD         and

So you can take benefit of this On Demand Service only if you buy one of these plan.


Validity of offer

This offer is for limited period of time. The offer is launch to encouraging many students so that they can prepare and serve for various govt organization, if they get chance.

We will update when the offer is end either by email or just by removing the informative banner slider on our website’s home page (


How it work

1)      Buy CKT-STANDARD or CKT-PREMIUM plan online from Cracktest

2)      You can now eligible for On Demand Test. To create a your desire test just write us with your test format and we will create your test within 24hr.

3)      While request make sure that the subject is available in Cracktest, if you need to test in Hindi make sure the MCQ’s are available in Hindi too, for that just check the MCQ’s available on our site.

4)      You can create only 1 exam in 7 day span once the 7 days over you can also request for another On Demand Test, your old test will remain there for practice. Means if your subscription plan is for 60 days you can create 4 Test as per your convenient.

5)      All your exam will be available until you have a valid Active plan, if you renew plan before it Deactivate your test will be remain there.

6)      If you have any queries or want to know more about On Demand Test contact us at we will help you.


Important Note:

On Demand Test means your own test to practice purpose only.

Cracktest can create only the test which can we create means we can create test only with and using following parameters

Subject(s), group of Subject, Time, Negative Mark, without negative Mark, Marking scheme, Language (If MCQ is available in Hindi) generally engineering test not available in Hindi.

Cracktest can’t create test by functionality, by changing GUI etc.


If you are confuse contact us before buying the plan.