Engineering Entrance Exam preparation

Engineering Entrance Exam

Engineering Entrance Exam | Free Mock Test for CET

Generally students start Engineering Entrance Exam preparation for various exams like IIT- JEE Main various state Engineering entrance exams and other entrance exams in class 11 so that they have two years in hand to design an effective time table to complete the Entrance exam syllabus and sufficient online exam practice.


How to Start Engineering Entrance Exam preparation?

Gather all the required data for various engineering entrance exam Preparation like Syllabus. Exam pattern for the exams. Books and other study materials required for which you are preparing.

Prepare an effective Time Table with considering your other schedules.

Categorized the syllabus based on difficulty in three categories like Easy, Hard and Very hard.

Start Preparing Chapter wise, don’t mix multiple chapters at once it may confusing you.

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Be consistent in your study Keep revision solve paper and keep records of your score and paper solving time.

It’s difficult to keep record Try Online Practice it help you to keep your all exams track.

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Know engineering entrance exam complete syllabus

It’s very important for you to know syllabus and what to study for entrance exam.

The syllabus for any engineering entrance exam from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and you will have to study class 11 and 12 syllabus, but if you are looking for JEE, the JEE syllabus is very vast.

Know Subject Wise, Chapters asked in JEE Mains & Advanced


Prepare a study Plan or time table

Design your time table for Engineering Entrance Exam preparation

Once it decides and confirms ‘What to prepare?’  Second step is design a plan that how to prepare create a time-table with your goal that would help you in timely preparation for the exam. A time table makes you more dedicated and disciplined.

Important points while making a time table:

  • Set realistic goals that you can achieve.
  • Check your exam dates – Note the dates for each of your exams on your calendar. How have they been scheduled? Are they clustered together or do you have several days between exams? This will affect the amount of time you have to study for each exam.
  • Allocate study time for each exam using your calendar.
    • It is best to allocate shorter study sessions instead of day-long study sessions
    • You should also consider the difficulty of each of your subjects. Which subjects do you need to spend more time on? Which are easier and require less time?
  • Arrange the study sessions around your commitments (e.g. work or sport). Also, remember to include study breaks, lunch and dinner.
  • You will need to revise content several times in order to recall them effectively in the exam, so make sure to allocate enough time to do sufficient revision before each exam.

Read How to prepare competitive exam?  for more details

Mistakes You Should Avoid! While Preparation

Lack of interest during Class lectures-

This is the biggest mistakes student commits. They never pay attention to what teachers teach in class. If you hold this kind of attitude, you need to change it immediately.

Don’t believe in regular & punctual studies-

Many students rely on “Last day preparation” to crack entrance exams like State- CET, IIT JEE Mains or any other engineering entrance exam. This is not going to help you. For entrance exam preparation of 3-4 hours daily consistent study is enough.

Delay and Delay in schedule-

Students often postpone Preparation for tomorrow. Change this attitude.

Revision your learned topics is must

While Engineering entrance exam preparation revision is must, it’s better choice if you prepare online exam practice. You understand topics, solve problems now it’s also important to evaluate really how much you understand for that solve Multiple Choice Questions, Take Free Mock Test.

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Measure your learning and performance

You need to give tests on a regular basis to check your learning, speed, accuracy and time management skills (coaching institutes have per-scheduled tests). You must solve online mock tests as many tests will be conducted in computer-based mode.

Visit to Online Exam Practice for Engineering Entrance. It Provide you Unlimited Subject wise and Exam Pattern wise test. Graphical and Detail Result Analysis.

Above preparation tips may help you to clear JEE Main and JEE Advanced, and other Engineering Entrance Exams.